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Mechel Ferro Chem employs the advance technology in the investment casting process that enables to produce high quality mechanical component parts that are known for cost effective feature. Investment Casting Process is utilized when complex detail, undercuts or non-machine able features and accurate parts are required.

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Investment Castings Process

The main stages of the Lost wax Process are the following...


Precision Die Development as per Customer drawing & Foundry practice in a Tool Room


Injection of wax into the dies.


Assembling of patterns onto a casting unit (Tree)


Covering of trees with refractory material ( Shelling)


De-waxing of Ceramic Shells


Sintering of shells


Pouring the required Metal into shells.


Removal of Ceramic, cut-off, grinding of ingates, sand blasting, heat treatment.


Surface treatments like pickling, passivating, mechanical & electro polishing, hot dip galvanizing etc.


Final Inspection


Packing & Dispatch.

Our Directors have long experience at international arena for manufacturing and supplying wide assortment of qualitative products such as metal alloy castings, steel castings etc. As a quality driven organization, we take a strict vigil on quality of our products. Our entire collection is precisely manufactured in accordance with defined industrial standards of quality and design.




Mechel Ferro Chem offers wide range of materials by producing all grades of :-

Carbon Steel More

Stainless Steel

Low Alloy High Strength Steel

High Alloy Heat Resistant Steel

High Alloy Corrosion Resistant Steel

Nickel based Alloys



Stages Of Investment Casting Process

Application Investment Casting process is accepted worldwide as one of the most efficient & economical manufacturing technology for precision & intricately shaped parts. It has a lot of advantages viz.

Intricacy Shapes

Any Intricate shape can be cast eliminating the necessity for machining of fabricating from assembly of different components.

Dimensional Accuracy

Parts can be cast to very close tolerances which eliminate most of the machining and this gives it an enormous advantage over Sand Castings & Forgings.

Superior Surface Finish

Eliminates or minimize need for Finishing operations.

Closer Control of Metallurgical Characteristics & wider range of Alloys- Ferrous & Non-Ferrous

Ensures desired chemical composition & Mechanical properties & wide range of Alloys like Ferrous & Non-Ferrous.

Faster & cheaper development of new components

This is ensured by in-house Tool Room facilities & soft Metal Die Technology.

Batch Sizes

Parts can be produced in exact replicas in small or large economic batch size 

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